Implementation Methodology

Our Construction
Toilets, Water Service, Classrooms, Electricity, Activity rooms Admin unit, Library, Laboratories, Computer Unit, Principal Quarters, Teacher Quarters, Cafeteria, Playground etc.

Implementation Methodology

Fulfilling The Basic Needs
Repairs to: Buildings, WASH, Electricity Facilities, Boundary walls, Fence, Gate etc.

Implementation Methodology

Upgrading Facilities
Multipurpose Hall or Auditorium Swimming pool etc.

WELCOME TO THE "Nearest School is the Best School" PROJECT

Overall Goal
Development of a system of Schools intended to create an aesthetically minded, creative and philanthropic child who is imbued with virtues, wisdom and vigour, for the process of uplifting education qualitatively and quantitatively.


  • Identified schools will be developed as Smart Schools.
  • Produced a total personality capable of winning the world, which has become a global village with the advance of the technological skills.
  • Strengthened the school-based management.


  • Produced a generation of virtuous and wise students with a good personality that has the capability to contribute towards achieving the development targets of the country.


  • The number of students attracted to the urban popular schools is minimized
  • Ensured equal opportunities for all children in education regardless sex, religion, language and ethnicity.


Introduction Of The "Nearest School is the Best School project"

The Ministry of Education is implementing a national program called The Nearest School is the Best School as a flagship program of the Ministrys medium term strategic development plan from 2016 to 2020 with the aim of achieving the objectives of the fivefold education policy statement of the government under the theme of ensuring equity in education. The overall budget of the project is 64.95 Billion.